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At Green Gate our focus has always been on raising the bar, making it easier for our customers to switch to eco packaging by consistently providing superior products, clear and reliable information and exceptional levels of service. Whether you prefer to order by phone or online, our friendly team look forward to hearing from you and will endeavour to make the process an absolute breeze.

Popular Eco Choices

Black Paper Spoon Drinking Straws Individually Wrapped Kraft Paper Drinking Straws Black Paper Cocktail Drinking Straws
Black Paper Spoon Straws (Wrapped) - 8mm x 210mm
Our Price: £8.95 (10.74 inc VAT)
Kraft Paper Straws (Wrapped) - 6mm x 200mm (3000)
Our Price: £85.95 (103.14 inc VAT)
Black Paper Cocktail Straws - 6mm x 140mm (3000)
Our Price: £48.95 (58.74 inc VAT)