Eco, Efficient, Exceptional

At Green Gate we don't just provide high quality eco food packaging; our team are dedicated to providing exceptional customer support. This means you can count on us to call you when we say we will, and to follow through on our promises. You won't find any 'greenwashing' here - just clear and transparent information that you can trust. By choosing to use eco products you are doing something amazing and something to be proud of! We send our customers annual Eco Certificates and also collaborate with many customers to create posters and banners which they can display to promote the fact they are making environmentally responsible choices. We also practise what we preach; we recycle office stationery, use eco phones, sponsor endangered species, create new native woodland- in summary, we go further.

Popular Eco Choices

12 inch Large Oval Bagasse Plate 8oz Kraft Food Container 10 inch 3 Compartment Biodegradable Plate
12" Large Oval Fibre Plate (500)
Our Price: £57.51 (£69.01 inc VAT)

8oz Kraft PLA Food Container (500)
Our Price: £26.09 (£31.31 inc VAT)
10" 3 Compartment Plate (500)
Our Price: £44.11 (£52.93 inc VAT)